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Me and three other class mates are working on a project for a course we're attending. We named it "Project Påtorp". Our task it to do a website for a small community named Påtorp (of course). At first our costumer wanted us to make loads off different functions like a forum, blogs, a news site (only for members), and an information site that was exactly the same thing as the news site only everybody should be able to see it and so on. At first we thought, okay, that's what our costumer wants, let's do it. But after a while we started thinking in a new direction.

Would they really use all of these functions? It would mean a lot of work for the people who where going to keep the website up to date. Will they keep it up to date or will all our work just be a waste of time?
To add to the picture is also that this community only consists of approximately a hundred people or so. To make a forum for a hundred people would be suicidal if they aren't extremely active visitors. Therefore we made up a new plan.

We made Klotterplanket, or the Graffiti Board (sounds much better in swedish). With this the users easily can write messages on Post-It notes that they can add to the board. They can choose to delete it when they want to, but they can also put a date on it which tells the visitors when the note is going to self destruct. If the note is near the self destruction day it turns red, else it's green or yellow.

If the whole text is not visible, you should just be able to click on the Post-It note to make it larger. Then you will see all the text along with contact information (like where and how to respond).

I think you've got the idea now, though there is a bit more details to it. We have not yet delivered the site to our customer but when we do it will be very interesting to see how they use the Graffiti Board.



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